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    Anti-Anxiety Spinner Ring

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    Don't go another day feeling nervous, unfocused or uneasy

    Our rings serve as calming companions for anyone suffering from ADHD or anxiety. The freely rotating outer layer is the ideal fidget to relieve tension, increase focus or reduce stress, all while maintaining a high quality look and feel.

    Health benefits

    • Increase focus: smooth fidget designed to keep your mind on track
    • Kick bad habits: forget nail biting, hair pulling or foot tapping
    • Relieve anxiety: seamless spinning known to help relieve tension and stress

    Shop with confidence

    • No rust: we do not use iron in our rings so rust can not occur
    • No green fingers: we only use "non-reactive" metals to avoid green fingers
    • Free size exchanges: if your order does not fit we will be happy to exchange for the correct size
    • 30-day promise: improve the way you deal with anxiety and ADHD or your money back